Why Use A Firestick Ethernet Adapter

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A firestick Ethernet Adapter is a perfect accessory for your amazon firestick which will make sure you are getting the best internet connection compared to using Wifi.

There are many reasons why you would want to use ethernet which is basically a cable that goes from the ethernet adapter to your internet router.

Having a direct cable going from your firestick to your router will ensure you get the fullest speeds and a solid connection with no interruptions like sometimes Wifi can have.

What Are The Potential Issues Of Using Wifi For Streaming On A Firestick

Let’s face it Wifi is one of the best ways to connect any device to your router and will always be the most preferred method due to ease of use and the different rooms you can go in with your WiFi device.

But when it comes to an amazon firestick sometimes the Wifi can degrade and start to give you less performance when you are streaming things such as IPTV, Netflix, YouTube, and more.

This is because once your amazon firestick gets 1 or 2 years old the Wifi module inside your firestick gets weaker and less reliable compared to when its new.

If your router is located close by the firestick as in the same room then you will not notice any degrade in the firestick performance.

But if your wireless router is in another room that’s not close by the firestick then you may notice the firestick has less Wifi signal when connecting to your home network and can get worse depending on how further the router is away.

This problem doesn’t just affect firestick but mostly all Wifi-enabled devices even laptops that are 1 to 2 years old and have been using Wifi can start to have less power to connect to a network especially if the router is far away.

How To Resolve Any Firestick Network Performance Issues

Well luckily there is 2 ways and we will tell you the first best way below

  1. Use a Firestick Network Adapter – This will give you full speed from your router and will be the most solid setup you can give your firestick and will no doubt fix and buffering or freezes you have been getting.
  2. Buy a Wifi Extender – This is a good option as well as you can buy what looks like a plug and plug into the same room as your firestick and this will really pump up the signal of the wifi in that room giving your older firestick a wifi boost which will give it a solid connection and stop any buffering issues.

We hope you see why you need a firestick ethernet adapter if you are serious about having a solid connection for streaming, gaming, live events, and more.

Just remember if you end up getting an adapter for your firestick your router has to be close by as you will need to connect the router directly to the firestick using the adapter.

If your router is in another room and you still want to cable it then we recommend buying what is called a powerline adapter.

Powerline adapters come in 2 plugs one goes behind your router in a plug socket and the other goes with the firestick plugged in close by then what this allows to do is safely using your existing cables in your house by itself so it acts as one big ethernet cable.

Powerline adapters are a great alternative to having one big cable and are better than using Wifi connections but we will save the whole inner workings on powerline adapters for another guide.

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