How to Install DREAM 4K on Firestick

On firestick easy way is to tell us if you have iptv apps already installed like “smartiptv”, “smarters pro”, “Kodi” or “stbemu”…we send you the right instruction for it.

  if not then do this step by step to install our app :

  1- Go to Downloader app (if you don t have downloader app follow this tutorial )

2- Tape this link on it

3- Install it

4- Open it and send us mac address displayed

Enjoy 😊😊

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      Hi, you just need to send us your mac address and we will take care of the rest. For your mobile phone, you need to search in Playstore for Dream4K or in iphone for Gse Smart IPTV pro.

  1. I have a Nvida Shield Android TV Box, what app do you suggest I use? Currently using IPTV Smarters Pro but find the guide disappears after a few days??

    Just downloaded Dream 4K app and need to activate. e3:81:90:ad:00:c1 (this is the address displaying when I open app)


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